Tra Ferro e Aria



With Carnera, Bertoia is probably the most famous Friulian in the United States of America. He does not owe his fame to boxing or any other sport but the design and especially to an object now “legendary” the chair ” Diamond” the Knoll, which was created after the war and still continues to be the object of worship in the world .

But what many do not , in Italy , they know is that Arieto ( Harry ) Bertoia was also an important artist with works featured in prestigious museums and private collections and active in the research and testing of jewelry, sculpture and graphics .

In the thirty years since the death of Bertoia, his native land, that of Pordenone, decided to devote an entire year of events designed to deepen his story as a designer and artist international party of fifteen from a country of a few souls , San Lorenzo d ‘ Arzene in 1930 to land first in Canada and then in the United States where he found education, work and success.

A statement transited through the experience at Cranbrook University of Bloomfield Hills ( Michigan) where Bertoia confronted with friends Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames, Florence Knoll, his stay in California where he worked in the studio Eames , solid relationship with Knoll Company that allowed him to design the famous series of sessions and finally his personal research in the field of sculpture in his farm at Philadelphia .

The celebration, sponsored by the City and the Province of Pordenone Pordenone through the Museo Civico d’Arte Pordenone and the scientific coordination – Organizational Director Gilberto Ganzer , have already had a first in-depth, on November 23, with the conference which brought together in Pordenone experts who have analyzed all its areas of interest (drawing, engraving, jewelry design and sculpture), the breadth of his work and the originality of his creative vision.

As part of this course aims to introduce the figure of the artist and designer, from 25 July to 28 September, at his ancestral home in San Lorenzo d’Arzene, will be an exhibition with a few pieces of documentary production Bertoia, a of his famous sound sculptures and other works. All complemented by video testimonies of those who saw and watched him grow Arieto starting with his father to America. The exhibition, entitled “Tra Ferro e Aria” Harry Bertoia, 1915-1978, is curated by Angelo Bertani, Province and the Municipality of Pordenone, the City of Arzene and Pro Loco San Lorenzo.