Friulian Childhood



In Blata Via San Lorenzo Arzene in the birthplace of Harry Bertoia, has renewed the annual event dedicated to him. A unique, preserved by time and which is accessed through a large double doors painted “red Bertoia”. Looking towards the barn where child began to experience the awesomeness of forms: a decisive period for its artistic and spiritual formation. That same barn -studio, recreated in the rural countryside of Pennsylvania: the smell of hay was only evoked by a universe of sounds, on the wooden floor were rows of metal rods arranged in bundles, sound sculptures, vibrant, to recreate echoes of other times and reach the threshold where the sound becomes the unknown. Just his childhood Friuli was the main theme of the evening. To start reading a preview of the biography being published in the United States, the work of his daughter Celia Bertoia connected through video conversation. His book recounts the years spent in the first chapter by Harry Bertoia in San Lorenzo, 1915-1930, through words and unpublished short stories interwoven with the migratory history of the family. The crystal clear water of a small river, the music played next to fogolâr; games metal of the gypsy caravan , drawn flowers for brides sheets, the ends of the earth on the pedals of a bicycle; send a pronounced before leaving for the America. Images, metaphors, sounds enriched the evening through an audiovisual performance titled “More Sounds” by the famous artist Stafano Jus and his son Pietro. The initiative adds another piece to the association with the family of Ariet. The group of enthusiasts “Friends of Harry Bertoia “, in synergy with the Pro Loco of San Lorenzo, is projected towards the centenary of his birth in 2015 that envisages a series of events accompanied the celebrations that will take place in the United States in significant places where he lived and created. The group plays a few years a systematic collection and digitization of unpublished materials documenting Harry Bertoia through the website and in particular through a digital library, in conjunction with other researchers, artists, cultural institutions, musicians interested to Arieto work: a collection of documents that aims to become a major digital memory .



TRIBUTE TO STEFANO JUS | OTHER SOUNDS Sound Sculpture & Electronic Drum

Stefano Jus is an important artist of our territory. What makes it particularly its involvement in our project is that you may find interesting similarities between Arieto and Stefano.

First of all, even Stefano was born and lived in these places and the nature of these places has taken and continues to draw inspiration for his work. How to Arieto, the analysis of natural forms , their fascinating structure , their movement and their sound is the basis of all his research .

And, similar to Arieto, his creativity and his great manual dexterity allow him to express himself in design (even through beautiful and highly original chairs), in painting, graphics, sculpture, creating musical instruments.

Pietro Jus that we heard on percussion, has certainly learned from his father all stimuli and suggestions that allow them to express themselves through music so charming and professional .